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Fate/Grand Order JP: How to Install and Play the Epic RPG on Your Phone

How to Download and Play Fate/Grand Order JP on Your Mobile Device

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile game based on the hit Fate series by Type-Moon. It is a turn-based role-playing game with some visual novel elements, where you can summon and collect heroic spirits from history and legend, and fight to protect humanity from anomalies in space-time. The game has a rich story, stunning graphics, and a huge roster of characters voiced by famous Japanese voice actors. It is one of the most popular and highest-grossing mobile games in the world, with over 50 million downloads and $5.4 billion in revenue as of July 2021.

fate grand order jp download

While the game has an English version available for most of the global audience, some fans may prefer to play the original Japanese version, which has more content, events, and updates than the English version. However, the Japanese version is region locked and requires some extra steps to install and play on your Android or iOS device. In this article, we will show you how to download and play Fate/Grand Order JP on your mobile device, as well as some features, tips, and tricks to help you enjoy the game.

How to Download and Play Fate/Grand Order JP on Android

If you have an Android device, you can download Fate/Grand Order JP from one of these sources:

  • Google Play Store: You will need a VPN and a Japanese Google account to access the Japanese Play Store and download the game. You can use any VPN app that has a Japanese server, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. You will also need to create a new Google account with Japan as your country. Once you have both, you can launch the VPN app, connect to a Japanese server, open the Play Store app, switch to your Japanese account, search for Fate/Grand Order JP, and install it.

  • APKPure: You can download the APK file of Fate/Grand Order JP from APKPure, a website that offers safe and verified APK files for various apps and games. You will need to enable unknown sources in your device settings to install APK files from outside the Play Store. Once you have downloaded the APK file from APKPure, you can open it and install it on your device.

  • QooApp: You can download QooApp, an app store that specializes in Asian games, from its official website. You will need to enable unknown sources in your device settings to install QooApp. Once you have installed QooApp, you can open it, search for Fate/Grand Order JP, and install it.

After installing Fate/Grand Order JP on your Android device, you can launch it and start playing. You will need to agree to the terms of service, choose a name for your Master (the player character), and complete the tutorial. You will also need to download additional data for the game, which may take some time depending on your internet speed.

How to Download and Play Fate/Grand Order JP on iOS

If you have an iOS device, you can download Fate/Grand Order JP from the App Store. However, you will need a Japanese Apple ID to access the Japanese App Store and download the game. You can create a new Apple ID with Japan as your country by following these steps:

  • Go to on your browser.

  • Fill in your name, email address (use a different one from your existing Apple ID), password, security questions, date of birth, and captcha code.

  • Select Japan as your country or region.

  • Enter a fake address and phone number in Japan. You can use any online generator or search engine to find them.

  • Verify your email address by entering the code sent to your email.

  • Your Japanese Apple ID is now created.

Once you have created your Japanese Apple ID, you can follow these steps to download Fate/Grand Order JP from the App Store:

  • Go to Settings on your iOS device and tap on your name.

  • Tap on Media & Purchases and then tap on Sign Out.

  • Go back to Settings and tap on App Store.

  • Tap on Sign In and then tap on Create New Apple ID.

  • Enter your Japanese Apple ID and password and tap Next.

  • Agree to the terms and conditions and tap Next.

  • Select None as your payment method and enter the fake address and phone number in Japan that you used before.

  • Verify your Apple ID by entering the code sent to your email.

  • Your Japanese App Store account is now ready.

After signing in to your Japanese App Store account, you can open the App Store app, search for Fate/Grand Order JP, and install it. You will need to download additional data for the game, which may take some time depending on your internet speed. You can also switch back to your original App Store account by signing out and signing in again with your other Apple ID.

What are the Main Features and Gameplay Mechanics of Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is a game that combines elements of role-playing, strategy, and visual novel genres. The game has several features and gameplay mechanics that make it fun and engaging. Here are some of them:

  • Story: The game has a main story that spans seven chapters, each with its own setting, characters, and plot. The main story follows the protagonist, a Master who works for an organization called Chaldea, which monitors and preserves human history. However, Chaldea discovers that human history is being distorted by anomalies called Singularities, which threaten to erase humanity from existence. The Master is tasked with traveling to different eras and locations with their Servants (heroic spirits) to fix the Singularities and restore human history. The main story is full of twists, turns, drama, humor, and action, as well as references and connections to other Fate works. The game also has many side stories and events that feature different Servants, scenarios, and rewards.

  • Servants: The game has over 300 Servants that you can summon and collect using an in-game currency called Saint Quartz or tickets. Servants are heroic spirits from history, legend, mythology, or fiction, who have been summoned by the Master to fight for them. Servants have different classes, such as Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Assassin, Rider, Berserker, and more. Each class has its own strengths, weaknesses, skills, and abilities. Servants also have different rarities, ranging from one star to five stars, which indicate their power level and availability. Servants can be leveled up, enhanced, ascended, and customized using various materials and items. Servants also have their own personalities, backgrounds, voice lines, animations, and artworks that make them unique and appealing.

  • Battles: The game has a turn-based battle system that uses a card-based interface. Each turn, you can choose three cards from a pool of five cards that are randomly generated from your Servants' decks. Each card has a color (red for Buster, blue for Arts, green for Quick) and a type (normal attack or Noble Phantasm). Each color and type has its own effects and benefits. For example, Buster cards deal more damage, Arts cards charge your Noble Phantasm gauge faster, Quick cards generate more critical stars for critical hits, and Noble Phantasms are powerful special attacks that can deal massive damage or provide various buffs or debuffs. You can also use skills or items to enhance your performance or alter the situation. You can form a team of up to six Servants (three in the front line and three in the back line) to face different enemies and bosses in various quests and missions.

What are Some Tips and Tricks for Beginners and Advanced Players of Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is a game that can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced players alike. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your experience and progress faster in the game. Here are some of them:

  • Save your Saint Quartz: Saint Quartz is the premium currency of the game that can be used to summon Servants or refill your Action Points (AP). However, Saint Quartz is very scarce and hard to come by in the game. Therefore, you should save your Saint Quartz for special occasions or banners that feature Servants that you really want or need. You should also avoid spending your Saint Quartz on reviving your team or continuing a quest, as these are not worth it in the long run. You can also use free tickets or friend points to summon Servants instead of Saint Quartz.

  • Use your Servants wisely: Servants are the core of your gameplay and strategy in Fate/Grand Order. You should use your Servants wisely and effectively to maximize their potential and synergy. You should learn about your Servants' skills, Noble Phantasms, class advantages, and compatibility with other Servants. You should also level up, enhance, and ascend your Servants regularly to increase their stats and unlock new abilities. You should also equip your Servants with Craft Essences, which are items that provide additional effects and bonuses to your Servants. You should also diversify your Servant roster and have at least one Servant of each class to deal with different situations and enemies.

Make use of the Support System: The Support System is a feature that allows you to borrow a Servant from another player or friend to help you in your quests. You can choose one Support Servant per quest, and they will join your team as the fourth member. Support Servants can be very helpful and powerful, especially if they are high-level, well-equipped, or have rare or limited Servants that you don't have. You can also earn Friend Points by using Support Servants, which can be used to summon more Servants or Craft Essences. You should also set up your own Support List and offer your best Servants to other players, as this


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