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Granny 3: Meet Slendrina, the Granddaughter of Granny and Grandpa

<h1>Granny 3: How to Download and Play the Horror Game on Your Device</h1>

<p>If you are a fan of horror games, you might have heard of Granny, a series of games where you have to escape from a creepy house guarded by a crazy old lady and her family. The latest installment, Granny 3, was released in June 2021 and has become a hit among gamers who love a good scare. In this article, we will tell you how to download and play Granny 3 on your device, as well as some features, tips, tricks, and reviews of the game.</p>

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<h2>How to download Granny 3 for Android devices</h2>

<p>Granny 3 is available for free on Google Play Store for Android devices. You can download it by following these steps:</p>


<li>Open the Google Play Store app on your device.</li>

<li>Search for "Granny 3" in the search bar.</li>

<li>Tap on the game icon that appears in the results.</li>

<li>Tap on "Install" and wait for the game to download and install on your device.</li>

<li>Tap on "Open" or find the game icon on your home screen or app drawer and tap on it to launch the game.</li>


<h2>How to download Granny 3 for PC using an emulator</h2>

<p>If you want to play Granny 3 on your PC, you will need an emulator that can run Android apps on your computer. One of the most popular emulators is BlueStacks, which you can download from its official website [4]( Here is how to use BlueStacks to play Granny 3 on your PC:</p>


<li>Download and install BlueStacks on your PC from its website.</li>

<li>Launch BlueStacks and sign in with your Google account.</li>

<li>Search for "Granny 3" in the search bar of BlueStacks.</li>

<li>Click on the game icon that appears in the results.</li>

<li>Click on "Install" and wait for the game to download and install on BlueStacks.</li>

<li>Click on "Open" or find the game icon on the home screen of BlueStacks and click on it to launch the game.</li>


<h2>Granny 3: Features and Gameplay</h2>

<p>Granny 3 is a horror game where you have to escape from a house where you are trapped by Granny, Grandpa, and Slendrina. The game has several features that make it challenging and fun to play. Here are some of them:</p>


<li>The game has two escape routes: one through the entrance gate, and another by the train. You have to find items and solve puzzles to unlock them.</li>

<li>The game has five difficulty levels: Practice, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. The higher the difficulty, the faster and smarter the enemies are, and the less time you have to escape.</li>

<li>The game has three enemies: Granny, Grandpa, and Slendrina. Granny can hear everything you do, Grandpa can shoot you with his shotgun, and Slendrina can kill you with her gaze. You have to avoid or knock them out using weapons and tools. You can also hide in closets, beds, and barrels.</li>

<li>The game has a day and night cycle. The night is darker and scarier, but you can use a flashlight to see better. However, the flashlight can also attract the enemies' attention.</li>

<li>The game has a multiplayer mode where you can play with up to four friends online. You can cooperate or compete with each other to escape from the house.</li>


<h3>How to play Granny 3 and escape from the house</h3>

<p>The goal of Granny 3 is to escape from the house within five days. Each day lasts for six minutes, and you have three lives per day. If you die three times in a day, you will lose the game. Here are some steps to play Granny 3 and escape from the house:</p>


<li>Choose your difficulty level and start the game. You will wake up in a room with a bed, a closet, and a door.</li>

<li>Explore the room and look for items that can help you escape. For example, you might find a key, a hammer, a crowbar, a screwdriver, or a battery.</li>

<li>Use the items to unlock doors, windows, cabinets, safes, and other places where you might find more items or clues.</li>

<li>Be careful not to make too much noise or drop anything on the floor. The enemies can hear you and chase you if they find you.</li>

<li>If you encounter an enemy, try to run away or hide. You can also use weapons or tools to knock them out for a short time. However, they will wake up after a while and become more angry.</li>

<li>Find the two escape routes: one through the entrance gate, and another by the train. You will need to find specific items and solve puzzles to unlock them.</li>

<li>Once you have unlocked an escape route, run towards it and get out of the house. You have escaped from Granny 3!</li>


<h4>Granny 3: Tips and Tricks</h4>

<p>Granny 3 is not an easy game to beat. You will need to use your skills, strategy, and luck to survive and escape. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you:</p>

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<li>Use headphones to hear better. The game has sound cues that can alert you of the enemies' location and movement.</li>

<li>Use the practice mode to familiarize yourself with the map, items, and puzzles. You can also disable the enemies in this mode.</li>

<li>Use the pause menu to see your inventory and objectives. You can also change the settings, such as the sensitivity, brightness, and volume.</li>

<li>Use the map to see where you are and where you need to go. The map shows the layout of the house and the locations of the items and puzzles.</li>

<li>Use the hints to get some clues on what to do next. The hints are displayed on the top right corner of the screen.</li>

<li>Use the traps to your advantage. You can lure the enemies into traps, such as bear traps, electric wires, or falling objects.</li>

<li>Use the cameras to spy on the enemies. You can find monitors in some rooms that show what the cameras are seeing.</li>


<h5>Granny 3: Reviews and Ratings</h5>

<p>Granny 3 is a popular horror game that has received positive reviews and ratings from users and critics alike. Here are some of them:</p>



<tr><td>- Scary and immersive atmosphere</td><td>- Some bugs and glitches</td></tr>

<tr><td>- Challenging and varied gameplay</td><td>- Some ads and in-app purchases</td></tr>

<tr><td>- Multiplayer mode with friends</td><td>- Some lag and connection issues</td></tr>

<tr><td>- Frequent updates and improvements</td><td>- None</td></tr>


<p>The game has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store [1]( and 4.7 out of 5 stars on App Store [2]( Here are some of the user comments about Granny 3:</p>

<blockquote>"This game is amazing! I love how there are more enemies and more rooms to explore. The graphics are also better than before. The multiplayer mode is also fun to play with friends."</blockquote>

<blockquote>"This game is so scary and fun at the same time. I love how there are more puzzles and secrets to discover. The game is also very challenging and keeps me on the edge of my seat."</blockquote>

<blockquote>"This game is awesome, but it has some problems. Sometimes the game crashes or freezes. Sometimes the enemies glitch or get stuck. Sometimes the items disappear or don't work. I hope the developers fix these issues soon."</blockquote>


<p>Granny 3 is a horror game that will test your nerves and skills as you try to escape from a house full of dangers. The game has many features and modes that make it fun and exciting to play. You can download Granny 3 for free on your Android or iOS device, or use an emulator to play it on your PC. If you are looking for a thrilling and scary game, Granny 3 is the one for you.</p>

<p>Are you ready to face Granny, Grandpa, and Slendrina? Download Granny 3 now and see if you can survive!</p>


<p>Here are some frequently asked questions about Granny 3:</p>


<li>Q: How long is Granny 3?</li>

<li>A: Granny 3 has no fixed length. It depends on how fast you can escape from the house and how many times you die. The game has five days, and each day lasts for six minutes. If you die three times in a day, you will lose the game.</li>

<li>Q: How many endings are there in Granny 3?</li>

<li>A: There


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